In an effort to keep parents educated and informed, the Piranhas have set up this webpage.  It is dedicated to educating the Piranha Parents.  This resource is a great place to read articles, get nutritional information and answer some questions you may have about swimming and you role as a “swim” parent. Most of the information linked to this page is from USA Swimming.  

Gigi Kearney Presentation – April 2011
Physical Therapist Gigi Kearney spoke about shoulder mechanics, stretching and injury prevention in the Community Room of the Darien YMCA last night.   The presentation was insightful, educational and well received.  She started the presentation with a brief look at the anatomy of the shoulder.  She spoke about shoulder stability, the benefits of yoga and core training, proper and improper stretches and the difference between ligaments and muscles.  She touched on the myths of overtraining, emphasized consistency with training and answered questions.