Social Coordinator

Social Coordinators will receive a budget from the PPA, which is based on the number of swimmers per training/practice group (Maia, Nautilus, Poseidon, Juniors, Senior).  As the Social Coordinator, you can use the budget how you want to organize social events for your swimmer’s training group during the year (e.g., poster making, bagel breakfasts, Popsicles, post practice pizza, fun team building activities such as wacky relays or any other creative idea).  It would be helpful if you communicate your plans with the Age Group Social Coordinator (Kathy Finnegan) and the Piranha Office to reserve classrooms, send training group email blasts, and request reimbursements. 



Special Events Coordinators

The PPA Special Events Coordinators oversee committees that organize a wide variety of fun activities such as the swimmers’ Holiday Party, the Parent Social and the Banquet. All require volunteer support. 



Fundraising Coordinator

The PPA Fundraising Coordinator manages the Team’s annual fundraiser.  Volunteers are needed to assist in organizing this event which alternates each year between a Swim-a-thon and a smaller fundraiser.  These funds support the purchase of new technology and equipment to enhance our program, training for coaches, coach travel and website enhancement, among other things.