2021 House/Clinic Return to the Pool (covid)

Before you travel to the Y

  • If you are sick STAY HOME.
    • Err on the side of caution.
    • Anyone who has a temperature 100.4 or over must be fever free for 72 hours before returning to the Y
  • Bring your face covering.
  • Wear your suit to the Y.
  • Make sure you have your goggles and cap (if you wear one).
    • Coaches CANNOT give you either.

Entering the YMCA

  • Everyone entering the Y MUST be a member or enrolled in a program as a member or non-member.  
    • Parents of House swimmers can enter the Y and watch practice, more details below.
    • It will be a self check-in process at the front desk, NOT the check-in desk to the left as you walk in.
  • Before entering you will be need to stop at a kiosk  to answer questions about your health.
  • Everyone will enter and exit the Y through the same front double slider doors, but there will be directional arrows showing which way is the entry lane and which is the exit lane.
  • Anyone who enters the Y MUST sanitize/wash hands upon entry and exit.
  • Anyone who enters the Y MUST wear a face covering and keep face covering on while in the facility.
  • Anyone who enters the Y MUST must maintain 6 feet of social distance at all times except with household family members.

Entering/While on Deck

  • House swimmers will enter the pool through the Special Needs/Family locker room and exit through the lobby door.
  • Everyone will move around the deck in a counter-clockwise manner, there will be arrows on the pool deck showing direction.
  • Face coverings will be worn as long as possible before practice and put on as soon as possible after practice.
  • Swimmers will not be permitted to use the All Ages Locker rooms before or after practice.
    • Plan to arrive in your suit and leave in your suit.
  • Swim bags will be brought on deck and stored up against the wall behind the lane and at the end of the pool you are starting.
    • We will assign lanes when kids get to the pool.
    • Please pack light.
  • No sitting in chairs or bleachers.  Basically touch as little as possible.
  • Towel service is suspended.  You must bring your own.
  • Always maintain 6 feet of social distance except for siblings and households.


  • There will be only 2 swimmers per lane starting at opposite ends.
  • No equipment will be used at first, we may phase in personal equipment bags as the summer progresses.
  • Bathrooms are for emergencies only.  
  • Swimmers will wear face coverings for as long as possible before they start practice and put it on as soon as possible after.
  • See “Practice Schedule” header below for practice details.
  • Swimmers CANNOT use the water fountain.  Please your own water bottle.
  • NO sharing of anything of any kind except between siblings and households.  
  • Always maintain 6 feet of social distance except for siblings and households.


  • Parents will be allowed to watch/enter the Y regardless of membership.
  • All Parents MUST adhere to all the above protocols for entering and patronizing the Y; questionnaire, distancing, face covering, etc.
    • Every time you enter the Y.
  • If entering, we ask that only one adult per household watch/enter the Y for pick-up/drop-off.
  • No seating in the lobby will be available, standing room only.


  • All staff has taken/attended on-line Covid-19 safety and sanitation training.
  • All staff will go through same Y entry protocol as members.
  • All staff will wear face coverings while coaching on deck and in all areas of the Y.
  • All staff will help sanitize/clean pool after each practice.
  • Coaches CANNOT hand out caps or goggles or anything for that matter.
  • All staff will maintain 6 feet of social distance, always.

House/Clinic Schedules