Parents Quick List

Help and support your swimmers to meet their team and age group commitments, for themselves and their teammates, by being on time and present for required practices and meets.

  • Give plenty of positive reinforcement to your swimmer.
  • Help and support your swimmers by ensuring they are present and on time for all required practices and meets.
  • Stay up-to-date on all financial commitments (see Financial Responsibility page)
  • Volunteer for timing and other assignments at away meets.
  • Be present and volunteer for home meets, where we need significant additional help to run the meets efficiently
  • Volunteer and help with the many PPA efforts (Board, special event organization, fundraisers, communications, publicity, etc.).
  • Remember: Parents support and coaches coach.

To summarize: ALL PIRANHA PARENTS MUST CONTRIBUTE TIME DURING THE YEAR. In order for your swimmer to be eligible for a championship meet, you must time at least twice during the season.