Swim Challenge

The only Fundraiser the Piranhas ask their membership to participate in is the biennial Swim Challenge. The Swim Challenge is a large effort swim-a-thon in which all Piranha families are required to fully participate. The minimum required level of financial participation will be determined by the PAC during the annual budgeting process.  Any requests for variation on your payment must be approved by the Head Coach before registration.  Any swimmer in arrears of fundraising requirements will not be permitted to practice until account is settled.

Money raised from fundraisers fund guest speakers such as this past year’s visit from Olympic medalist Paige Madden, and prior visits from Olympians Elizabeth Beisel, Josh Davis and Maya DiRado, team items such as tents for summer meets, Team banners, much needed computer software for the coaching staff and timing equipment, and funds also allows the coaches to attend travel meets and clinics.

A 2023 Swim Challenge is being considered.   More details will be announced.

2020 Swim Challenge Commitment

As stated in your registration information you were given at the beginning of the 2019 swimming year, the commitment for each family is detailed in the packet cover letter. Any family who fails to raise the minimum amount will have the amount deducted from their meet fee account.

2020 Swim Challenge Information

2020 Cover Letter
Bronze Pledge Sheet
Silver Pledge Sheet
Gold II Pledge Sheet
Gold I Pledge Sheet
P105 Pledge Sheet
P120 Pledge Sheet

2020 Challenge Highlights

The 2020 Piranha Swim Challenge was a huge success!  Not only did the Team come through and raise a lot of money to help the Team operate and stay relevant, the kids attacked the Challenge with enthusiasm and pride!   The swimmers left the pool tired but proud.  Thanks to all the parents who came and counted, the coaches for their support and the kids for doing an awesome job in the pool.  

Total Laps = 12576
Total Yards = 314,400