2020 Graduating Seniors

Saying good-bye is never easy.  It’s a little tougher when the people you are saying good-bye to did not get a proper sendoff.  The four seniors graduating this year constitute over 38 years of Piranha Swimming collectively.  That is an impressive number.  I dedicate this page not only to those four athletes who I will always hold near and dear to my heart, but their parents, too.  The Piranha parents are the greatest resource we have and as I say good-bye to their swimmers, I am also saying good-bye to parents who have volunteered countless hours and unselfishly donated their time over the many years their swimmer has been apart of the Team.  Thank You! -Henk

2020 Banquet Booklet

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2019 ARENA Meet Video
2019-20 Season Season Part II
2019-20 Season Part III
2020 Piranha Hiatus Video
2020 Piranha, THE RETURN

Graduation Seniors, Thanks for the Memories!

Henk’s words to the Graduate Seniors and their families.

John Barsanti
Nicknames: A. John, Johnny Lapdog, 
Years on the Team: 11
Future College: Villanova








Nolan Lovegrove
Years on the Team: 11
Future College: SUNY Maritime








Bridget Ritchie
Nickname: Bridge
Years on the Team: 10
Future College: Villanova







Pragun Sharma
Nickname: Pray
Years on the Team: 7
Future College: Fordham
Senior Speech: https://youtu.be/y4Xmf0VHGVo