2020 Graduating Seniors

Saying good-bye is never easy.  It’s a little tougher when the people you are saying good-bye to did not get a proper sendoff.  The four seniors graduating this year constitute over 38 years of Piranha Swimming collectively.  That is an impressive number.  I dedicate this page not only to those four athletes who I will always hold near and dear to my heart, but their parents too.  The Piranha parents are the greatest resource we have and as I say good-bye to their swimmers, I am also saying good-bye to parents who have volunteered countless hours and unselfishly donated their time over the many years their swimmer has been apart of the Team.  Thank You!

2020 Banquet Booklet

2019-20 Piranha Season Part I
2019 ARENA Meet Video
2019-20 Season Season Part II
2019-20 Season Part III
2020 Piranha Hiatus Video
2020 Piranha, THE RETURN

Graduation Seniors, Thanks for the Memories!

Henk’s words to the Graduate Seniors and their families.

John Barsanti
Nicknames: A. John, Johnny Lapdog, 
Years on the Team: 11
Future College: Villanova








Nolan Lovegrove
Years on the Team: 11
Future College: SUNY Maritime








Bridget Ritchie
Nickname: Bridge
Years on the Team: 10
Future College: Villinova







Pragun Sharma
Nickname: Pray
Years on the Team: 7
Future College: Fordham
Senior Speech: https://youtu.be/y4Xmf0VHGVo