120 Training Group

Requirements to Enter Piranha 120 Group

Swimmers will enter the Senior group upon invitation from the coaching staff ONLY. This invitation will be extended to swimmers with a history of consistent dedication and commitment to swimming and the Piranhas at the highest level. Swimmers must be able to handle the 120 group workload mentally and physically. Before being considered for entry into the 120 group swimmers must be able to swim 30 x 100 Free @ 1:20 and 15 x 200 IM @ 3:00, have a freestyle threshold 1:15 or better, have multiple CT Senior cut and have swum the following event; 1650 freestyle (or 1000 freestyle), 500 freestyle, 400 IM and all 200’s of stroke. The coaching staff reserves the right to promote any athlete they deem fit for the 120 training group.


Expectations of the Piranha 120 Training Group

  • In order to reach the highest level of competition, 120 group swimmers are expected to maintain no less than an attendance rate of 80%. This includes all dry land sessions and extended practices on the holidays. Remember, you are attending practice for yourself, not your coach or anyone else.
  • In order to travel or attend in-state Championship Meets you must maintain the prescribed attendance rate listed above. JUST BECAUSE YOU QUALIFY FOR A MEET DOESN’T MEAN YOU DESERVE TO ATTEND THE MEET.
  • Late arrivals and/or early dismissals from practice are not permitted. For more details, please refer to the Tardiness Policy.
  • Swimmers will be expected to train at a level that will not hinder the practice performance of other swimmers in the group.
  • Academics are your first priority. Swimming is second only to academics at this level of training and competition.
  • 120 group swimmers are expected to do everything prescribed by the Head Coach in order to reach the highest level of swimming possible
  • 120 group swimmers will compete at the highest level meet he/she qualifies and that is offered by the Piranhas. Also see bullet point #2.
  • 120 group swimmers are expected to demonstrate a proven commitment to attending all meets prescribed by the Head Coach.
  • 120 group swimmers must accept the responsibility of being a role model to the younger swimmers on the Team. What you do in and outside of the pool will be noticed by the rest of the Team.
  • You are expected to work USA 8/Under meets and any other 8/Under meet that does not conflict with your High School season. The profits of these meets offset your expenses for travel meets.


Goals of the 120 Training Group

  • Demonstrate a proven ability to excel both in the pool and classroom and to balance both effectively.
  • Compete at the highest level available.
  • Prepare swimmers for success at the collegiate level.


During High School Season

There are no criteria or standards you must uphold during your high school season, but keep in mind the following:

  • Any Piranha meet you wish to swim in during your HS season you must let me know in advance. I will assume you will not be swimming in any USA meets until you are with the Piranhas “full-time.”
  • In order to qualify for YMCA Seniors you must swim in four YMCA meets, one of which must be an invitational type meet i.e. Y-States, WYW Thanksgiving Invite, TYR. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ATTEND THESE MEETS. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.
  • You are more than welcome to train with the Piranhas at any time during your HS season as long as you stay the entire practice time.