Piranha Short Season Team


We’re doing it again in 2022!!   The Piranhas have created a very successful seasonal competitive program for 13/Unders.  The Piranha Short Season Team is for those swimmers looking for a “taste” of competitive swimming but not the year long commitment.  These swimmers will be coached by the same awesome and experienced Piranha coaches, offered Piranha meets, regular weekly practices and all scheduled Piranha social events.  Swimmers will be eligible for the aforementioned activities held during the respective season in which they participate.  The Piranhas will be offering four Short Season programs throughout the year:  fall, winter, spring and summer.  Swimmers will be assigned (prior to registration via email from the coach) a team group based on age and ability and will swim as part of that team group;  three days per week only.  

All Short Season swimmers must be members of the Darien YMCA.  Meet information can be found on the Meet Schedule Page.

See below for details about the upcoming 2022-23 season!! 

2022-23 Short Season Swimming
If your returning swimmer is interested in participating in the 2022-23 short season program please contact Head Coach Jason Memont about placement.

2022-3 Short Season Training Fees

Assigned Group Training Fees:  Bronze $700,  Silver $800, Gold II $900, Gold I $1000.  P105/P120 not available
USA Registration Fee:  $80*, PPA:  $75, Volunteer:  $50

2022 Piranha Fall Short Season – September 6 – November 18 

2022 Piranha Winter Short Season November 28 – February 10

2023 Piranha Spring Short Season – February 27 – May 19

2023 Piranha Summer Short Season –  May 29 – August 11

* USA Fee is paid only once per year starting with the swimmer’s initial session.  If you decide to participate in multiple sessions, Fall-Summer, you will NOT need to pay this fee twice.