Team Philosophy

Coaches – Coach

Swimmers – Swim

Parents – Support


For those in Darien and the surrounding communities, the Piranhas, as a YMCA Swim Team, are here to offer all swimmers of varying abilities the opportunity to swim and learn.

Swimming and youth sports are supposed to be fun activities that help kids grow and learn, and also provide the opportunity to build the mind and body.  Swimming does this the best!!  (Winning and fast times are awesome, but those are not the only two aspects of our sport, nor the most important.)    

Along with the core values of the YMCA, Piranha coaches believe in having fun, longevity in the sport and teaching our swimmers life lessons through the sport of swimming.  We want all kids to improve, swim fast and win races, but that is not why we coach.

Although our sport is measured in time, time is NOT #1 in regard to measuring success for swimmers.   As a coaching staff we want all kids to improve and swim ‘fast’ but we believe if you attend practice regularly, listen to coaches, pay attention to technique and take care of the “little” things, faster times will come.  Everyone at the swim meet wants to swim fast, but how many have prepared themselves to swim fast?   We feel the best measure of success is if a child is a happy swimmer.

Vision Statement

The Piranha Swim Team will achieve our goals through:

  • Creating a fun swimming environment conducive to the development of champions
  • Attending practice faithfully
  • Hard work and dedication
  • Hiring exceptional coaches who put the safety of swimmers first