Team Refund Policy

Withdrawal from the Team  

After the season begins, a swimmer (this includes high school swimmers) who withdraws from the team two weeks (or less) after the first day of scheduled practice will forfeit 25%  of the total annual training fee for that swimmer’s assigned group.  Example:

Bronze annual training fee $1520 x 25% = $380 forfeit. Because the initial payment was 30% of training fees ($456) the refund amount would be $76.

Paid PPA fees and volunteer fees are 100% refundable.  All refunds will be arranged as online credits to the appropriate Y family account.  A check refund will incur a $20 administrative fee.  If the swimmer starts mid-year, the same policy applies, ie two weeks from the swimmer’s start date for the current season.  After two weeks, no refunds of any kind will be offered.

Short season swimmers will have one full week from commencement of their respective season to receive a refund of 25% of their training fee payment.


September , 2022