Parent Volunteering

We believe that parental involvement is essential. Within the Piranha Parents Association (everyone parent of a swimmer on the Team is a member of the PPA), there is an opportunity for everyone to volunteer no matter your skills, interests or availability. These opportunities include running bagel or pizza parties after practice, becoming a swim meet official, running a sign making party and much, much more. 

Meet Volunteer Requirement

Piranhas has a MANDATORY timing/meet volunteering requirement for all Piranha families.  Each family (regardless of # of swimmers), will be required to work a minimum of six timing/meet volunteer shifts during the year (Sept-July), one of which MUST be done during the Long Course season (May-July).  Each “season” is defined by the respective start date of the season up to and including CT Regionals.  Parents who have children qualify and enter a “championship” meet may be assigned to a shift based on our requirements.  A “shift” is defined as a predetermined amount of time a person times/volunteers at a meet, usually no more than two hours.  An ACTIVE email invitation to volunteer for a specific event is emailed in advance of a meet or social event and parents can sign up to time using this on-line system. 

Each family (with their registration) has paid $150 towards this volunteer requirement.  If you fulfill your requirement the full amount will be refunded back to you. If not, the amount is forfeited.  

Swimmers who join the Team for short season are required to fulfill 2 shifts during their respective Season to receive a full refund.  

Active Piranha USA Officials will not be required to adhere to these requirements.