Team Gear


To order gear online when the portal is open please use this LINK.  OPEN Nov 1st-Nov 8th 2022

NOTE:  You must register & create a password before entering the Metro Swim portal to order.  If you need replacement Piranha swim caps please contact MARY to arrange.
The team ID code is 85077 (needed for new swimmers).
November 1st – November 8th, 2022After that time no new orders for Piranha gear (except swim caps through Mary) will be taken.  Further portal opening dates are TBA.
UPDATE:  For clearance items please contact Mary

portal registration

portal user guide

Metro Swim portal information and troubleshooting

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR SWIMMER’S SUIT SIZE PLEASE CONSULT THIS SIZING GUIDE.  For flannel pants NEW sizing for flannels. For tees & hoodies LOOK HERE

The Piranhas require Team members wear Piranha spirit wear to all meets. All Piranhas MUST have a Team Speedo bathing suit, Team t-shirt (blue) and bathing caps, if worn.  In addition, certain swimmers are required* to have the following gear:

*for meets

13/Overs: Navy Piranha Sweatshirt and sweatpants, Team Speedo Backpack
11/12’s: Navy Piranha Sweatshirt and sweatpants, Team Speedo Backpack
9/10’s: Navy Piranha Sweatshirt and sweatpants, Team Speedo Backpack
8/Under: Aforementioned t-shirt and yellow cap

Only Piranha gear should be worn at meets. A Team is more apt to act like a Team if everyone is wearing the same ‘uniform’. There is more Team spirit, unity and enthusiasm. A football or baseball player doesn’t get to choose which uniform he/she plays in, nor should a swimmer.

Regular Bathing Suits vs Tech Suits

Please note as of January 1, 2020 12/Unders are not allowed to wear tech suits at any meet.  If you don’t know what a tech suit is, GOOD!  Just wear the Team suit at every meet.  The Team Speedo bathing suit must be worn at all meets by all swimmers. 13/over swimmers can wear tech suits at Championship or major travel meets. 

Overall please do not be fooled into thinking you need one of these tech suits for your swimmer to swim fast. Swimmers have always ‘made’ the suit; the suit never makes the swimmer. We ENCOURAGE parents to hold off on these expensive purchases until your swimmer is older and has progressed to a Senior level of training with the Piranhas or has qualified for CT Seniors. As you do, we want what is best for your swimmer. We don’t want anyone to make an unnecessary expensive purchase for little to no gain just because the advertisers tell you that it gives your child a “competitive edge”. The coaching staff recommends taking advantage of the practice time you have already paid for to help your swimmer get that “competitive edge”.

2022-23 Piranha Spirit Wear  

Please contact Mary McCarthy for further details or for additional help.